Do you wish you had better insights into the daily work of your sales team?

Are the commercial activities in line with your business strategy?

Do you seek sales talents but struggle with sales expertise and asking the right questions?

Does your sales team need support with prioritizing and executing tasks?
…if any of your answers is ,yes', then I am happy to help as your external partner and experienced leader in hospitality!


As a former Director of Sales & Marketing, ,DOSM', team leader and executive member within international organizations, I have gained the experience and know-how in defining business strategies and breaking them down into operational execution.
I guide and help your sales teams with strategic sales tactics and market activities, a customer-focused mindset, optimizing sales structures, processes and resources, as well as offer support with efficient cost- and budget planning. I coach sales talents and mentor new sales leaders on how to use excellent sales and communication practices in a dynamic business environment.

Business strategy and positioning

Understanding and utilizing on the USPs of your hotel is crucial for any organization. Strategic decisions as a result of business planning, industry and competitive set analysis, market and product positioning, pricing strategies as well as well-managed channel & segment mixes are the foundation of goal-orientated sales operations.
Based on business plan models, SWOT analysis, market segmentation, revenue tools as well as profit & loss figures, I offer support in developing strategic tactics for your organization and your sales & marketing teams.

Training and Coaching

I support and coach your sales teams in working effectively, how to set priorities and activities in line with strategic goals of your organization.
By offering on-the-job sales trainings, communication coachings and mentoring programs, I identify, together with your department head, strengths and weaknesses of your sales division and support your leaders in developing their teams through a transformational leadership style, clear and transparent communication, motivation and empowerment.

Strategic Sales Management

Your sales & marketing team ideally thinks and acts strategically and customer-focused. Sales members know how to communicate and negotiate with your customers and guests, they understand the pricing model, have insights into geographic and channel sources, they understand in detail how your hotel compares to your main competitor, and most of all, they win the business. However, the reality of daily sales operations may look quite different. Operational duties due to high occupancy, management of incoming leads, administrative tasks and managing a sales and events team: daily responsibilities of senior leaders that often allow little time for thorough analytical research and data driven decisions. It is easy to lose focus!

Marketing and Communication

The umbrella of all techniques and strategies is to ensure that online and offline communication are in line with your brand and hotel positioning. You will receive support in defining and implementing your business strategy and marketing plan. Enhancing the luxury customer journey and communication not only create added value, but also manage all parties’ expectations.
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Fees are based upon individual consultation and clients’ requirements.
For details and pricing, see each pillar or contact me directly for further information.





Strategic hands-on support, guidance and consulting for a better outcome.


On-the-job trainings, coaching und mentoring programs for sales leaders and head of departments who are new to their job.


Strategy-based modules and activities for business planning: positioning, SWOT analysis, goal-setting, defining your distribution channels, support in CRM and sales activities.
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