Driving change has been part of my DNA.  

I transform the dynamics of sales operations and support hoteliers to grow from within.
Almost 20 years ago, I innocently stumbled into the hotel industry in Boston, MA. Immediately I fell in love with everything that evolved around the hotel and travel business: the people, the spirit, service levels and expectations, cross-cultural client relationships, the chaotic-yet-fun and exhilarating moments - and for most part, having found a profession that I loved and considered as a 'second home'.

Since university, I have remained passionate about this extraordinary industry and am proud to say that by launching my own bespoke and specialist service, I have arrived.

I very much look forward to shaping the future of hospitality with you.
Katharina Anna Irniger

Skills and Experience

In 2004 I graduated in International Business Economics with a Major in Marketing & Communications at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund, Germany and Amsterdam School of Business. An internship in Human Resources happened to be my first gateway into the hotel industry, followed by extensive growth within various sales & marketing leadership roles in international organizations, such as Marriott International,
The Ritz-Carlton, Rocco Forte Hotels and Hyatt International.

Within those well-established hotel groups, I was given the opportunity to grow in the areas of strategic and analytical planning and combine hospitality leadership with a profit-oriented mindset and execution.

Skilled in sales and services, leadership programs, negotiation seminars, 'Search Inside Yourself' Mindful Leadership Coaching, 360 degree and Gallup self-assessment tools as well as on-the-job learnings and guidance have successfully contributed to my track record.

Best way to describe my professional personality: a reflective and compassion leadership style, empowerment, clear and transparent communication, analytical and goal-orientated decision-maker, sales excellence and collaborative solution focused.


My whole career I have been inspired by leadership that is courageous, transparent and filled with passion and compassion. At times, a rare diamond to find but, so crucial for the success of any organization and my personal vision. Like a dear friend of mine, professor and author, Amy C. Edmondson, once said:
…we have been taught to respect authority and keep silent when things don’t look ok. However, this is not an excuse not to start changing, and begin untapping that potential we have in teams through transparency and focus.
by Amy C. Edmondson, Author and Harvard Business Professor, Leadership & Management